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Couch potato


nice to meet you
my name is [name]. .
okay a little bit about me
I run a travel agency called [blahblahblah]
so I travel a lot.
I am a big baseball fan
and I’m big movie person
my favorite movies are
back to the future,
Star Wars,
and much more.
I love TV shows like
attack of the show,
totally rad show,
how I Met your mother,
big bang theory
and so on.
I love to try new things
and love to meet new people
in the process.
Try to work out once a day.
I lost 85 pounds
so working out
is important to me.
I hope this is to peak your interest up
for talking to you in the future
PS: Are you on Yahoo Messenger
My Yahoo Messenger name is [screen name]
or on AIM name is [another screen name]

Help! I’m being attacked by run-on sentences!! They’re going so fast that the capitalization can’t even keep up!! Oh wait… run on sentences don’t actually run. Good thing – I’m a slow runner. *Whew*

Speaking of running and whatnot, I have to give this guy props for losing 85 lbs. That’s tough stuff. Congrats, dear sir. So we both like to stay in reasonable shape – we have something in common! But… only that. I must admit, I have not even heard of half the tv shows he lists. If he’d actually taken the time to read my profile rather than just firing off this un-proofread form email, he’d have seen that I don’t watch movies (I don’t dislike them, I just don’t ever watch them unless I’m trapped in a pressurized metal tube that’s blasting through the skies for an unbearably long period of time), nor do I watch TV. If I ever feel like turning myself into a couch potato, though, I’ll IM this guy.



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