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Shower Shot

Fast Food

I love
in and out burger.
It was my favorite restaurant
when I lived in Cali.

Yes, In-n-Out Burger is awesome. I won’t go quite so far and say that it’s my favorite restaurant, though. Yes, I love it enough to kiss a drive-through sign, but it’s still a dadgum fast food chain. But no matter, this guy loves In-n-Out, and I respect that. Shoot, I more than respect that – I think it’s great. So what’s my problem then, you ask? Well, it would be his profile picture. Burger Man woke up all hung over one morning and apparently decided that he needed a picture of himself for his profile, and he needed it RIGHT THEN. What’s a guy to do? Grab the camera (hey, at least it wasn’t a cell phone camera), run into the bathroom, do not brush hair, do not allow camera to focus, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Take picture in bathroom mirror. While scowling. Done! Upload to website and wait for the honeys to start pouring in!

Any profile picture with a shower curtain in the background is a quintessential FAIL.


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