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Good email of the month


You have
a very interesting profile!
Is opera
your preferred singing style?
I’m starting
to listen to more classical music
and have wanted to listen to opera
for awhile,
but didn’t know where to start.
Do you
have any recommendations?
Agree re: the mango.
I bought a mango slicer
off of amazon
and it’s been awesome.
just wanted to say “hi.”
If my profile seems interesting to you,
I’d love to hear back.
Hope you’re having a good start
to your week.

Complete sentences!  Proper punctuation!  I have died and gone to grammar heaven.

Thank you, Say No to Crack!

Hats off to this guy (and his English teachers) for keeping it short, sweet, personal, AND introducing me to the concept of a mango slicer.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a mango slicer to shop for…



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Good email of the month

If I were to have to design…

…an ideal woman,
I think I’d scrap anything
I tried to come up with
and find the plans for you.
Reading your profile
was quite the experience,
and while you may not think
you have a talent for writing,
I can assure you

that you’re mistaken. ;-)

Seems like you’ve done
some fairly exotic travel!
I’ve not seen as much of Europe
as I’d like,
and I’ve not been to Africa,
but I hope to be able to travel
as much as possible.
Ideally, once I’m done
with the Travel Channel Academy,
I hope to find a way
to get them to pay for my travel.
I’m currently using my job
to do the things that don’t pay as well,

but imagine if they did!

What made you choose
South Korea next?
Where would you go
if money and time
were infinite?

Wow, quite the compliment there.  I don’t think my parents saved my blueprints, though.  Well, I don’t know, maybe they stashed it in a safe deposit box somewhere…

Anyway, I was flattered!  But… just not interested.


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Good email of the month

In order to keep from appearing to be the world’s most heinous bitch by posting all these, um, “entertaining” emails and mercilessly mocking the strangers that sent them to me, I’m going to start putting up an email each month that I actually appreciated and enjoyed.  Now just because the emails put a smile on my face doesn’t mean that I was actually interested in the people that sent them, but with all the other nut jobs out there, it’s nice to know that some people can write in complete sentences, ask interesting questions that aren’t too personal, compliment the other person in socially acceptable ways, and take the time to address the actual person rather than just spitting out a form email to 50 people at once.  Hallelujah, they do exist!

So here you go – the Good Email for March 2010:

I love mangos too :)

Hi, I really liked your profile
and felt that we have
many interests in common
so here I am
writing you.
I guess
it should be no surprise
that you’re from the south
since I find people there
so much more “real”
than their northern counterparts.
You evoke a lot of warmth
and sincerity
from your writing –
who knew that engineers
could be attractive
AND have such a great personality? :)
We also share
many interests,
and Asia tops my list
of future travel destinations.
I’d love the opportunity
to learn more about you
and hope you have a great week!

Fellow Mango Lover, you have earned a golf clap.

Next post:  back to our regularly-scheduled mockery.

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